Landscaping Tips for Enjoyable Outdoor Living

April 5, 2011

Landscaping Tips for Enjoyable Outdoor Living

The weather is getting warm and we are all itching to get outside. Is your backyard landscaping inviting you to spend time in it this Spring and Summer? If not, there a few simple things you can do now to get your backyard landscaping ready for hours of outdoor enjoyment this Summer.

Choose a Theme for Your Backyard Landscaping

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Do you plan to user your outdoor living space for family get-togethers and outings? Or will you use it for quiet, relaxing days spent taking in the beautiful Colorado weather? Maybe, you want to create a lush garden that you will spend hours in reading, gardening and enjoying. How you plan to use your space will determine it’s structure.

If family is your focus, then consider extending your patio (or creating one). There are many options here from flagstone and pavers to decks and concrete.  A larger patio will give you more space to entertain friends and family as well allow for extra seating, a ample barbeque area and even for the inclusion of a fun firepit.

If relaxation is your goal, then your backyard may consist of different areas where you could put your feet up, read a book and relax. Benches surrounded by shade trees and lush bushes, a hammock place strategically to give you a fantastic view of your wonderful yard, or a intimate seating area surrounding a outdoor fire pit with borders of beautiful flowers that bring you joy all Summer long.

Plant Selection for Backyard Landscapes

Beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees can make your backyard landscaping come alive and create a peaceful and serene outdoor living space. Typically, plant selection for backyard landscaping is different than front yard landscaping. When choosing plants and locations for your backyard, you will want to concentrate on framing the individual spaces such as sitting area, play areas and family gathering areas to hide unwanted or unsightly area, create a peaceful place to relax or bring attention to hardscapes such as patios, walkways, retaining walls and decorative rocks.

Your Backyard Landscaping Has a Ceiling, Really!


Taking the height of your landscaping into consideration can help you create a more intimate and private backyard oasis. A landscaping ceiling can create an atmosphere of solitude, privacy and even help in noise reduction. When make plant and tree selections for your backyard landscape, consider how tall you want your boundaries to be and plant accordingly. Large trees that create a cover over sitting area can make for a more relaxing experience. Taller trees and bushes on one or both sides of your patio may add needed privacy and create a more intimate setting.

Your backyard landscaping can create an oasis or a party zone; it’s all in the planning!

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