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Alpine Companies provides crawl space to basement as well as basement excavation throughout the entire Denver Metro area. Alpine excavates soils, concrete, concrete basement floors, cement, bricks, cinder block, stone, and debris. Our excavation team is as highly trained and experienced as you will find anywhere. The owner Harold Lesser is on site on all excavation projects to make sure your project runs smoothly as well as to monitor the on going structural conditions. The excavation process starts with structural engineering, equipment mobilization as well as a safety plan set forth in motion. Harold Lesser holds a Colorado State Safety Certificate, that Harold test for and keeps active yearly. Excavation can be completed with many types of equipment, typically see in your crawlspace or basement excavation project will be bobcats, mini excavators, dingos, wheelbarrows, concrete saws, hammer drills, dump trucks, dump trailers and 10 yard roll off containers.

Alpine Companies is a licensed Colorado safety certified company. Before any project begins, we complete a walk through and draft a job-specific safety plan for all on site personnel to follow. Alpine also includes the installation and removal of all safety zone materials needed to complete your project as well. The Alpine Companies of today has been and will always be the crawl space pioneers here in the Denver metropolitan area.When people think Denver crawl space conversions, they think of one company, Alpine. Alpine Companies’ family owned and operated business completed its first crawl space to basement conversion over 50 years ago. Denver crawl space conversions take time so you want to make sure you’re going to spend it with not only a company, but people you like and trust. That’s why we provide extensive on-site inspections and proposals not only to provide project costs, but to spend time with you, the client, as well.

Two reasons to convert your Denver home’s crawlspace to basement space:

1. Protect your home from moisture related problems

The crawl space is not an area where many homeowners dare to venture. It is often dark, damp and cold and uninviting, to say the least. If left “unfinished,” this seldom-visited underbelly of the home can reduce the indoor air quality of the main living areas above, cause moisture-related problems to the structure of the home and increase utility costs. Finishing your crawl space will ensure that you home does not fall victim to the development of mold and other moisture-related issues or insect infestation problems. These dangerous and costly problems can cause illness if left to develop in your home’s crawlspace.

2. Crawl Space to Basement: Converting a crawl space into storage or livable space

This is a great way to make more room for you and your family. It will also increase the value of your home without taking away from yard space or your houses original footprint. There are many options for your home’s basement crawlspace into an additional storage livable area in your Denver home:

Replacing and Lowering Basement Floors

Alpine Companies specializes in residential removal and replacement of concrete basement floors that have heaved, moisture issues, flooding issues, sump system installation, installation of new interior perimeter drainage systems, installation of new sewer/sewage ejector pits, installation of new rough in plumbing to install a bathroom in a existing basement as well as the repair of cracks in the floor. Also if your floors are un level we can pour an overlay on the existing concrete in the low areas to get back the original level condition.

Is the head height in your basement to low? Alpine Companies specializes in the removal of your existing concrete basement floor, then we dig out the soil as needed to your new desired head height. From there we pour the new concrete floor for you to enjoy the added new space. With Alpine Companies your dig out concrete basement floor project is complete.

Dig Our Your Denver Home’s Crawlspace to Add More Room!

Do you want to stay in your home, but need more space. Room Additions are too expensive, as well as popping the top to expand. Alpine Companies has the perfect solution for you. Dig out your crawl space today. It’s typically affordable on most budgets, and it is what Alpine Companies has been doing in Colorado for almost 50 years.

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