Crawl Space Excavation, Basement Conversion Projects:

All Crawl Space Conversion projects that have the completed installation of new foundation walls and concrete floors, are protected with an unlimited 2 year warranty. This warranty covers vertically sinking foundation repair only, of the new concrete foundation walls placed by Alpine Companies. As well as mud jack repair of any vertically sinking interior free floating slabs placed. If warranty work does need to be done Alpine will complete the work once the customer/project representative has completely emptied and removed anything on the floor or walls as needed for Alpine to complete the warranty. Once Alpine Companies has received the first payment to start the project, the homeowner/representative is legally bound and excepts these terms. When the project is complete it is the homeowners/representative to make sure there is absolutely no way possible of any interior or exterior water intrusion. Including, negatively draining landscaping, concrete, down spouts, gutters, water hose bib, main water line, sprinkler system, flooding and snow runoff. The homeowner must make these improvements within 7 days of the completion of the work by Alpine Companies. The homeowner/representative must not allow water to run back towards any part of the home from the foundation extending 8′ out, within the 7 day period of Alpine completing the project. All repairs not completed within the 7 days following the date of completion will render this warranty void. Click Here To Print

Piering carries a 3 year warranty against re-settling, not heaving unless noted on contract

Homeowner to have all above and below ground utilities of any kind/nature located before the work begins, unless noted on contract that this will be Alpine Companies responsibility. Alpine will assume you the customer/ project representative has the engineering, permits and inspections in place, unless requested and noted on the contract. The need of engineering, permits and inspections will need to be requested by customer/representative to be included in the scope of repair. Alpine Companies Takes all precautions but will not be held liable for any damage or cracking in any part of the homes grounds, structure interior or exterior during or after the repair has been complete. Click Here To Print

Structural repairs: Pads and Pins, crawl space repairs, interior support posts, Adjustable jack systems, epoxy injection

All structural repairs carry a one year material and workmanship warranty at no cost to you.

Once Alpine Companies leaves the job site it is your responsibility to maintain the following, no exceptions. Unless noted on contract.

Positive drainage to the areas worked on with proper backfill and weed/water blocking materials, Downspout extension, downspout additions if needed, repairs to sprinkler systems, heads, french drains, chase drains, window wells, homes interior or exterior, concrete, foundations, brick, stucco, painted surfaces, wood products and decks, electrical, plumbing, gas, HVAC, drain lines, sewer lines, doors, sealing any gaps and cracks where water can intrude. Failure to comply with these conditions will render your warranty void. Click Here To Print

Concrete & Seal Coats

Alpine Companies will clean existing placed concrete, stamped concrete and flagstone as best as possible. We will then add seal coat/coats as needed to seal the surface. Client understands that these are repairs done after the fact and there is no way to predict how the sheen, color or texture will turn out, or stay. Even though the sealer is placed our goal is to seal the surface, not preserve aesthetics. Once sealed you will need to reseal every year. Sealing repairs carry no warranty, client agrees to these terms once our proposal is accepted.

All concrete placed carries a 2 year warranty at no charge to you against cracking. Alpine goes to great lengths to make sure when our concrete placement is done, that we have lots of extra close control joints for the cracking to occur in. If a crack occurs outside these control joints they will be sealed at no charge to you to make sure no water damage will seep into the cracked areas repaired. Once you have accepted the concrete placement scope and time, Alpine will take precautions but will not be responsible for rain, snow, wind, excessive heat, imprint concrete blankets may leave if concrete has to be covered, traffic of any kind, uneven or rough surfaces, positive or negative drainage issues, mix design and passing or failing concrete testing. Click Here To Print


All landscaping carries a one year material and workmanship warranty at no cost to you. Click Here To Print

Window Well Replacement / Egress Window Conversions

Wells/Egress conversions carry a one year material and workmanship warranty at no cost to you.. Click Here To Print


Scheduled repairs with be completed as scheduled, weather permitting. Rescheduling of repairs because of weather conditions, repairs taking longer than anticipated or equipment problems will go to the next available opening. If you need to reschedule your project that is already scheduled, please call Alpine with at least a 24 hour notice. Click Here To Print


Alpine Companies will need a water hook up on site to complete your repair. It is your {Customer} responsibility to make sure the water source is turned on and does not leak inside or outside of the home/building. Alpine Companies Is not responsible for any water damage of any kind that may occur while completing the repair. Click Here To Print

Preparing Concrete to be worked on:

Alpine companies will drill numerous 1.5 inch diameter holes as needed in the concrete areas to be worked on for Mud jacking. These holes will be grouted to match the original existing concrete to as original as possible. While completing your repair Alpine Companies will not be responsible for damage and is to be notified before any work begins of these issues, Capped concrete slabs, cracked concrete, concrete thinner than 4 inches, concrete shifted laterally, rebar, caissons, extra thick edges or mono pad style concrete, bricks, support posts, roof overhangs, doors, windows, planters decorative or weight bearing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sewer lines or anything running in or through the areas being worked on. Click Here To Print


After completion of repairs the areas directly worked on will be cleaned to the best of our ability in the time allotted for your repair back to an as original condition as possible.

Additional clean-up of the area worked on and the street is the homeowners responsibility. Click Here To Print


Alpine Companies will provide you with a project estimate. Once accepted you must sign and email back to the office, email confirmations are accepted as a confirmation as well. Or, print, sign and provide that signed copy to the Alpine representative on site the day the work begins. All completed projects are to be paid upon the day of completion, unless set up as scheduled deposits or payments on the contract. Any delay in payments as stated on your estimate will impose a running 5% per day charge of the outstanding balance until paid. All jobs paying by credit card {Visa & Master card accepted only} will be charged an additional 2.8% processing fee. Click Here To Print

Alpine Companies does have a dedicated 10% off coupon for cash:

Cash is not a check, it is cash. Click Here To Print