Outdoor Stone Fire Pit is a Great Addition to Your Denver Backyard

June 27, 2011

Outdoor Stone Fire Pit is a Great Addition to Your Denver Backyard

Outdoor fire pits have become so popular in recent years and are one of the fastest growing trends in outdoor living design. Imagine relaxing in your beautiful Denver backyard enjoying the warmth and ambiance of a fire. That will be a reality after you have an outdoor stone fire pit installed in your yard or patio area.

There are many options for outdoor stone fire pits. Shape, material, gas or wood burning and location are things to take into consideration when planning your stone fire pit.

outdoor stone fire pit denverWhich Shape for Your Stone Fire Pit

  • Round fire pits work very well in built-in, u shaped seating areas
  • Square are not optimal for large seating areas. They better suited for more formal or structured garden areas.
  • Rectangle fire pits can accommodate larger groups, are terrific for wall areas and work nicely with water features

Which Type of Stone?

  • Flagstone is a flat, colorful stone that is also tough and durable
  • Natural stones such as granite usually combine cement in the design
  • Using marble and other polished stones creates an elegant, refined fire pit
  • Manufactured stones such as paver stone or Pavestone give you many color and texture options

Gas or Wood Burning Fire Pit?

  • Most fire pit designs can utilize either gas or wood so it mostly comes down to personal preference
  • Fuel for gas fire pits can natural or propane
  • Gas fire pits are safer and easier to use than wood fire pits
  • Wood burning fire pits have a different, but not necessarily better ambiance than their gas counterparts
  • Some municipalities do not allow wood burning fire pits so check before you decide
  • If using the fire pit for cooking, wood is considered by many to be a better outdoor cooking fuel than gas

Where Should the Stone Fire Pit be Located?

  • Situate the fire pits so it can be a focal point in your outdoor living area
  • Consider the option of viewing it from indoors too
  • For warmth, locating it closer to the main seating area is a good idea.
  • For safety, don’t forget to take into consideration traffic areas, proximity to play areas and any area that is frequently in the path of prevailing winds.

A stone fire pit can be a fantastic addition to your home. As an experienced landscaping contractor, Alpine Companies has installed stone fire pits in Denver yards for over 40 years. If you need help designing and installing a stone fire pit in your yard, give Alpine Companies a call today at 303-797-8908 for a free estimate. Or, click here to contact us via email.