Bob Penkhus Auto Dealership

After seeking many bids the Penkhus Family felt Alpine Companies was the compaction grouting company for them.

The commercial building is utilized as an automotive showroom service center. Review of satellite imagery revealed the commercial building is compartmentalized into four distinct attached buildings/additions. The reported slab damage is located at the southeast corner of the service center. The East service center is a one story steel building with concrete masonry unit {CMU} walls. The floor in question was constructed as a concrete slab on grade. The test holes drilled showed the concrete slab to be 6-8 inches thick. The area of slab which has displaced downward extended from the Southeast corner of the East service center 12′-9″ along the East wall and 21′-5″ along the South wall. We also removed the vehicle lift that was mounted here before the concrete compaction grouting began.

Alpine companies mobilized all the equipment on site and chose to do a combination of deep soil compaction grouting, along with our mud jacking process. After 2 days the project was a complete success. All the sub-soil was stabilized and the slabs were raised back to their original elevations.