Retaining Walls Add Function and Beauty to Your Denver Home

May 13, 2011

Retaining Walls Add Function and Beauty to Your Denver Home

natural stone retaining wall denver

Denver’s homes can have multiple elevations in both the front and back yard as well as steep slopes that makes landscaping a challenge.

Retaining walls serve both functional and esthetic purposes for your Denver home’s landscaping. Functionally, they are designed and installed to help restrain soil that would otherwise slump and erode in sloped areas of your landscape.  This can be done as a single wall or a group of terraced walls.

Retaining walls are not just for sloped property. The appearance of flat property can be dramatically changed by adding multiple elevations to the yard creating new areas for seating, plantings and entertaining.

terrace retaining wall denverFor many homeowners, retaining walls can add visual interest and added functionality to their yards’ landscaping. These include:

  • Tree rings and planters
  • Planted wall areas surrounding patios and front porches
  • Landscaping borders
  • Framing for walkways

Dry Stacked Retaining Walls

  • Walls made with the dry stack method do not use any type of mortar between the stones.
  • Natural stones such as granite and limestone make beautiful walls to accent you home’s landscape, patio area or front yard
  • Interlocking man-made stone such a paver stones are versatile and come in many shapes, sizes and patterns. They can coordinate with a paver stone patio, walkway, driveway or front porch

Mortared Retaining Walls

  • This is one of the most expensive types of retaining walls. Unlike dry stack natural stone retaining walls, mortar is used for this traditional type of retaining wall, allowing for taller and striking creations. The stone used is typically a quarried natural stone such as granite or limestone.

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