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Mudjacking, Slabjacking, Concrete Leveling, Interoir & Exterior Concrete Raising for your Denver Home


Mudjacking or Slabjacking is the process used to level, raise or lift concrete or cement driveways, patios, sidewalks and more! Mudjacking or Slabjacking can also be referred to as concrete leveling, concrete raising, concrete lifting and concrete leveling.

Don’t Pay “MONSTER” Prices for Concrete Leveling!!


Mudjacking project for Denver home’s concrete driveway and garage.

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This concrete front porch is a very typical mudjacking project Alpine Companies Does in Denver on a weekly basis. The brick column, porch and roof line has settled about 4 inches. After Alpine Companies installed 3 concrete pads and pins as well as mud jacked the concrete and brick column raise right back up to original. This concrete and masonry project cost around $2,000.00.

Pictured below: This client called multiple foundation repair and mudjacking companies and not one of them could guarantee to restore the sunroom back to perfect original condition. This was an easy 3 hour project for the highly experienced Alpine crew. We have completed thousands of projects just like this one, and much much worse. The floor of this sunroom was cracked in multiple places and needed 20 drilled access holes to make sure all the void was filled, while the concrete slab was being lifted. It took over 6 cubic yards of screened top soil, 2 yards of concrete sand, and 10 bags of Portland cement to complete the entire concrete re-leveling project.

Alpine Companies monitored the lifting with a custom mudjacking laser level to ensure the windows, doors and tracks went back perfectly into original condition. Once the concrete was lifted we then backfilled and compacted the negatively sloping soil around the structure with new structural fill, to achieve positive drainage away from the sunroom. It is extremely important to make sure all of the landscaping is fixed once the mud jacking is complete, or the structure could have settling issues in the future.






Since the 1960’s and for 4 generations, we have completed more mudjacking jobs than all of our competitors.

Alpine Companies knowledge and method of re-leveling sinking concrete (mudjacking /mudjacking) is like no other. All concrete leveling is not the same. You’ll receive the highest quality concrete repair possible, and when you raise sinking concrete in Denver, experience is everything with our expansive soils. You’re getting 3 generations, over 40 years of experience in mudjacking in Denver and thousands of satisfied customers.

Mudjacking is what you need if you have sinking or sunken concrete driveways, patios, walks, steps, or garage floors. Alpine Companies is Denver, Colorado’s most experienced mudjacking contractors. We can lift and relevel the existing concrete without the expense and inconvenience of tearing out and replacing the concrete.

Anytime concrete around your home sinks it leaves voids under the concrete around your home which leaves voids in the dirt fill around your homes foundation or exterior concrete patios and steps that will cause the concrete patios and floors outside your house to sink. Mud jacking not only lifts the concrete back to the correct level but it also stabilizes the soil under all the areas that were sinking; here’s why:

Concrete mud jacking fill the voids under the sunken concrete areas with a slurry that’s made of clean soil and cement. By forcing this grout into the voids, this lifts or raises the sunken concrete back to the correct level and the grout fills the voids and stabilizes the soil so you won’t have to worry about the concrete sinking again.

We also use mudjacking, in combination with helical or resistance piers, to re-level and lift sinking house foundations to stabilize the soils. When you’re choosing a foundation contractor make sure they have experience lifting homes and they use mudjacking to stabilize the soils around the repairs to make sure the foundation doesn’t sink again.

Call Alpine Companies and we’ll give you a free inspection of your homes’ foundation or any areas of sunken concrete and a written estimate describing all of the work that will be performed on your home. No-one has more experience lifting sinking or sunken concrete in Denver than Alpine Companies.

Our Mudjacking services re-level all interior and exterior slabs and structures.

Mudjacking Cost vs. Concrete Removal and replacement. Mudjacking is the GREEN way to go!

Mud jack 2-4 sections of a driveway or garage floor $200-$900

Remove and Replace 2-4 sections of a driveway or garage floor $1,500-$4,000

Mud jack a sidewalk 1-5 sections $150-$400

Remove and Replace a sidewalk 1-5 sections $500-$2000

Mud jack a front porch $200-$900

Remove and Replace a front porch $750-$4,000

Do You Use Cement In Your Mud Jacking Mix?

Yes, Harold F. Lesser perfected the same mud jack mix we use today, back in the early 1960’s. Being 1 of only 2 mud jackers in the state at that time, Harold was able to come up with the perfect sand / soil / cement mix that is used in all our mud jack application today.

How Long Will The Mud Jacking Last?

There are two things you need for a successful mud jack repair, experience and technique. The difference between it lasting many many years, (or a few months if your lucky) is simply by the company you choose to do the repair. Alpine Companies is so respected and successful simply because of our experience, technique and we fill all the void under every slab we repair on every job!

Done correctly the mud jack process is a dream come true. It’s quick, inexpensive, and you can even walk on it the very same day. Done incorrectly and it’s a nightmare of broken slabs, dust everywhere in your house, big ugly holes, void left under the slabs and ruined landscaping. Leaving you only one option if the company you choose fails, tear it out and replace it!

I’ve Been Told Mud Jacking Is A Band-Aid Repair.

Over the past 40 years we have seen every short cut repair possible, by companies that last a year or two if their lucky. Unfortunately, these companies leave a path of destruction and poor representation of what mud jacking truly is. The reason these companies say mud jacking is a Band-Aid repair, is they do not have the experience and proper technique to complete the repair in a manner in which it should be done.

So remember when you are choosing your mud jack company, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. Because all mud jack repairs are not the same, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Does Mud Jacking Require Maintenance After The Mud Jacking Is Complete?

The answer to this is yes. You must maintain proper drainage away from the slabs lifted, to make sure water does not cause them to sink again. Fixing down spouts, and sprinkler heads is something you must do immediately after Alpine companies has completed your mud jack repair. Upon completion of your repair, Alpine Companies will go over everything you need to do to make sure your repair will last as long as possible.



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