Sprinkler Systems Denver

Sprinkler Systems for your Denver Homes

 [well]Alpine Companies guarantees the highest quality sprinkler systems at the best possible price![/well]

The Alpine Companies have been installing and repairing sprinkler systems in Denver for over 40 years. If you’re installing a new sprinkler system we can work from your existing blueprints, or we can design a sprinkler system for you, and provide you with blueprints. We offer a turnkey sprinkler service that’s second to none.

  • Free estimates on repairs and sprinkler installations.
  • A complete design service for your lawns sprinklers
  • Denver’s best guarantee on parts and labor
  • Repair of all makes of sprinklers
  • Pump replacement and pump repairs
  • Rain sensor installation
  • Troubleshooting controller
  • Locate electric valves
  • Master valve installation
  • Replace copper and brass backflow
  • Install pressure regulators
  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Rerouting around patios and hot tubs
  • Install flowerpot drip systems

Sprinkler System FAQs

These most frequently asked questions about sprinkler systems.

Call us anytime at 303.797.8908 if you have any questions that aren’t answered here.

Do you sub out sprinkler work to other contractors?

We’ve been installing and repairing sprinkler systems for over 40 years and our  sprinkler techs are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all phases of sprinkler systems, we’re licensed and insured and offer the best warranty in Denver.

What is your guarantee on sprinklers?

A one year guarantee on sprinkler repairs and maintenance, and a five year guarantee on parts and labor that includes sprinkler pipes we install.

Are the Alpine Companies insured?

Yes. We carry Workers Comp insurance and General liability insurance in case of an injury or damage to your property while we’re doing work for you.

Whose sprinkler systems do you install?

We recommend Rain Bird; they’re the best in the sprinkler industry but we carry all major brands and we can repair and install all of them.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes, our free sprinkler installation and repair estimates give you detailed explanations so that you can understand everything that’s included and a blueprint if you’ve signed a contract with us.

How long do sprinkler system Installations usually take?

We can install most sprinkler systems in two days, but there can be different variables that will change installation times.

What will my yard look like after the sprinkler systems installed?

The machines we use to install sprinkler pipes make a thin slice in your lawn, and most of our competitors dig trenches but we don’t.

Does installing a sprinkler system increase the value of my home?

Yes, with Denver’s dry climate and water conservation it’s almost a requirement to have a sprinkler system.

Is there a best time to install a new sprinkler system?

Anytime from March 1 to December 15 is a great time to install a sprinkler system.


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