Soil Nailing

  • 15 Nov

    Using Soil Nailing for Denver Area Concrete & Construction Projects

    Soil nailing involves the insertion of slender reinforcing elements, generally rebar, into a slope to help treat natural, unstable soil slopes. This construction process can also be utilized to allow for the safe over-steeping of soils, either new or existing.

    First, access holes are pre-drilled into the soil with a slight downward incline. Then, a soil nail (reinforced steel rod or rebar) is inserted into the pre drilled hole. Then the drilled hole is grouted with a specialized grout pumping process. Once the soil nails are installed and grouted in place, a process called shotcrete is used to spray concrete over the top of the soil as well as the installed soil nails. The shotcrete will permanently lock the soil and soil nails into one another to allow for safe access and construction.

    Soil Nailing can be utilized for both commercial and residential applications.

    • Soil Stabilization
    • Slope Improvements
    • Retaining Walls
    • Sinking Foundations
    • Tie Back Systems Similar to Helical Piers and Tie Backs
    • Bowing Foundation Walls
    • Preservation of Natural Areas
    • Bridge Stabilization
    • Shoring of Walls During Repairs
    • Earth Retention System to Assist in Deep Excavations

    Benefits of Soil Nails

    • Installed with small scale equipment
    • Quick installation process
    • Helps to prevent ground loss
    • Minimal soil displacement during process
    • Can be installed underneath existing structures
    • Process can be used as either as a temporary or permanent system

    Alpine Companies also supplies all the engineering needed for your soil nailing projects. Give Alpine Companies a call today at 303-797-8908 for a free estimate on your next soil nails project. Or, click here to contact us via email.

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