• 20 Jan
    Tuckpointing and Brick Repair for Your Denver Home

    Tuckpointing and Brick Repair for Your Denver Home

    There are many older homes in Denver that have beautiful brick exteriors. Over time, the bricks can become damaged and in need of repair. The brick repair needed should not be done by an inexperienced handy man or laborer. Instead, a person or company experienced and knowledgeable in brick masonry and tuckpointing is required.

    Why Repair Your Denver Home’s Brick?

    tuckpointing-denver-masonryMost older stone, brick and masonry on older Denver homes walls can be damaged by water and frost-freeze cycles. The original mortar used to construct the home were most likely a soft lime and sand mix. This mix was strong enough to last for many years, but after 70+ years of facing the elements of Denver, the brick may be in need of major repair to keep the walls from completely crumbling. When the mortar starts to crumble and cracks and crevices form, water is allowed to get past the brick and into the wall. This can cause major damage to not only the brick, but your home’s exterior and wall structure. Keeping your brick well maintained is critical to keep your house in a good structural condition.

    What is Tuckpointing?

    Tuckpointing is a process in which you repair the brick by first removing the existing mortar from the damaged joint and the “tuck” the new mortar into the joint. It is a specialized skill and should only be performed by experienced and knowledgeable masonry professionals. Tuckpointing is required when your brick joints have begun to crumble, disintegrate or flake.

    Alpine Companies has been repairing, tuckpointing and restoring brick Denver Colorado for almost 50 years. If the brick on your Denver home is in need of repair, give us a call at 303-797-8908 or contact us.

    By Alpine Companies Masonry