Bruce Randolph Drive

Alpine Companies was brought into the loop of this projects for a couple reasons. The previous homeowner had the idea to dig the basement floor deeper himself, and that was his first mistake. With no structural engineering in place or permits, he decided this basement dig out was not such a good idea and decided to sell the property. This is where Alpine Companies took the project over with the new home owners. First, a structural assessment was completed to make sure the homes structural integrity was not compromised. Then permits were pulled and displayed on the property to make sure every step of the conversion is inspected and passed. Alpine started by shoring the homes wood joists as needed, as well as finishing the excavation. This project also needed new rough in plumbing and the sewer line replaced, Alpine finished that portion as well. The next step was to remove the existing steel support posts/lally columns and install the new deeper posts. Alpine then installed a 1 foot by 1 foot rebar grid in floor and the stem wall of the foundation. At this point, the inspector signed off on the work so we delivered the concrete and pump the concrete with our own concrete pump, finished the new interior concrete basement floor, cleaned up and the job is almost complete. Alpine Companies also installed 1 egress conversion as well to bring in some much-needed light to create the perfect new basement.