Highlands Ranch

This completed project was very exciting to work on. Typically homes have existing crawl spaces to excavate and convert into new basement space. This project was unique because it is actually built as a concrete basement foundation addition, also considered a subterranean room. This means that instead of having the existing home above the newly converted area, there is actually an outdoor kitchen/living area above the newly created space. Projects like this follow some of the same characteristics as the crawl space to basement conversion projects. The difference is the area is excavated from the outside of the home. A new concrete footing and foundation is prepped and poured, as well as a saw cut to make the new opening into the existing basement for access. Then Alpine Companies structural engineers design the rooms new ceiling which will be a structural concrete design. Alpine Companies first installs new steel I beams in beam pockets that were poured into the concrete foundation. Once the new steel I beams have been placed in the new concrete foundation beam pockets, we then install the new galvanized form and pour the concrete right on top. From there you can have any type of landscaping on top of this newly created room, and know one will ever know that it is down there except you. Alpine Companies has been constructing these types of concrete foundation additions for almost 50 years here in The Denver metro area. Rooms like these are perfect for:

Additional room for a growing family, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Safe rooms, Vaults, Home theater rooms, Swimming pools, Bowling alleys, Man Caves, Workshops, Storage space and anything else you can dream up. With Alpine Companies the sky is the limit ?