Atlantic Project

Most crawlspace to basement conversions gets an egress window installation. The egress windows not only allow us access to complete the crawl space and basement excavation but, allow you to have a legally conforming bedroom and emergency escape.

This crawl space to basement conversion project was completed in the Lakewood Colorado area. The client’s family had expanded, they were wanting to stay in their home and decided to gain the extra square footage from the crawl space. This particular homes foundation was constructed on concrete caissons so Alpine Companies was able to do all the excavation at one time. There was a total of 90 cubic yards of dirt was hand excavated, hauled and disposed of in a total of 2 weeks.

Once the crawl space excavation was complete, Alpine was able to then install all the rebar, form the walls and kick the forms to make sure they stay in place while the concrete is being delivered and pumped into the concrete foundation forms. Once the new concrete foundation was poured and had proper time to cure, Alpine then stripped the forms and detailed the job.

The other 3 parts to this particular crawl spaces to basement conversion included an egress window, replacing the interior steel adjustable support post as well as opening the crawl space wall to the old existing basement. Removing this wall was essential to giving the feel of a larger space that could now be remodeled into one large living room and bedroom. Alpine also added a bathroom to the basement finishing portion and a wet bar.