Gilpin Street

The Gilpin Street conversion was a tricky combination of underpinning the existing brick foundation walls as well as lowering of the existing concrete basement floor from around 5′ 6″ to a new depth of 8′ 6″. The structural Engineering plans first must go through the City of Denver’s landmark approval board first, then we were able to pull the actual construction permits to start the project.

First and foremost all the safety materials, supplies and meetings are addressed and in place before the work begins, as well as a full pre construction game plan. The Gilpin street project started with the demo of the brick foundation on the south side of the house to install a new wood double hung egress conversion window, well, ladder and grate.

First the existing concrete basement floor was removed, then a total of 80 yards of dirt was excavated, hauled away and disposed of at a proper disposal facility. From here Alpine Companies installed all the new underground plumbing and sewer ejection system. Then Alpine drilled and dowelled a new rebar grid in a 12″ x 12″ pattern, set the new footing and foundation forms and called the city of Denver for our inspection. Once the inspection was passed Alpine brought their own concrete pumps and concrete on site to pour the new concrete footings and foundation, as well as the new interior floor. The final stages were to install the new 30′ structural steel beam with 3 new adjustable steel support posts. Install the new complete egress conversion and restore the old face of the fireplace as a beautiful new accent to the basement.

Before Photos of the home’s crawl space

During Photos of the home’s crawl space project

After Photos of the home’s crawl space