Gilpin Street 2

This is a current and ongoing project. Check for photos and description of finished project.

Alpine Companies now has this Denver  crawl space to basement conversion underway. We started by building a temperature control room that will allow us to access the crawl space while working, as well as help keep the crawl space sealed off from the cold weather outside.

Once the structural engineering is in place Alpine starts with opening up the excavation point of the homes brick foundation wall. We then begin to dig into the existing crawl space from the outside to the inside, Installing proper foundation shoring as we go along. Once we have excavated typically 10 yards, we have a nice hole started to install the conveyors and start moving 20 yards a day. This crawl space dig out will have a total of around 160 yards of soil to excavate, haul away and dispose of. The typical original crawl space support design in Denver is one single brick wall built down the center of the house. Alpine must carefully excavate around this original center brick foundation and install proper shoring equipment. Once properly supported, we can then install new steel adjustable support posts {Lally Columns} and a new steel I beam.