Marion Street

This homeowner though they had a professional crawlspaces to basements company complete their conversion, until the water started flooding through the walls and into the new basement. That’s when they hire Alpine Companies to do a thorough inspection, and what we found was unbelievable!

The Crawl Space To Basement Company they hired had completed the excavation but had not poured new foundation walls. The Company hired installed wood instead of a concrete foundation, then framed and finished the space concealing everything. Alpine Companies will now complete the proper Engineering, drawings obtain permits and complete the crawl space to basement conversion correctly.

Alpine Companies proceeded to excavate and install a 1′ x 1′ rebar grid in the new footing. Once the new footing to be placed was inspected by our engineer as well as the Denver city inspector the new footing was poured. From here Alpine Companies Drilled and installed the new rebar dowels into the footing vertically and horizontally in a 1′ x 1′ grid. Once that again was inspected by our structural engineer and the Denver city inspector Alpine Companies than formed the new foundation, delivered concrete, pumped, finished, stripped and cleaned the area. From here the basement was now ready to be finished properly.

From the very beginning Alpine Companies can engineer your Denver area structural repair project as well as complete the project completely in house. Alpine Companies does not sub all the work out like most Denver general contractors do. This gives a personal relationship between Alpine Companies and their clients that most companies can not offer.