basement excavation

  • 01 May

    Basement Excavation Tips for your Denver Home

    Basement excavation is a great way to add more usable space to an existing basement, both horizontally and vertically.
    However, before the big dig starts, there are many issues to think about.

    • Stairs: Are they wide enough? Will it be easy to get furniture in and out.
    • Windows: Egress windows are a necessity for a bedroom
    • Ceilings: Ceilings should be high enough to avoid feeling claustrophobic
    • Bathrooms: Plumbing and sewer lines will need to be incorporated
    • Drainage: Often a separate sump pump with floor drainage system is the best. What is the water level in the area ? Is the soil sloping away fr0m the foundation? Are sprinkler systems pointing away from the home?
    • Flooring: What flooring and padding will work best?
    • HVAC: There will need to be a system that has enough supplies and returns. Basements are going to be cooler, so ensure they are not taken for granted.
    • Utility Rooms: Be sure there is make up air and combustion air. They are going to make noise, so provide a sound barrier near media rooms and bedrooms.
    • Lighting: Adequate lighting is a must, to avoid the space feeling closed in.
    • Foundations: Are they in good shape? We look for cracking, shifting, signs of water leaking, and crumbling or any other signs of deterioration.  These require special considerations for structural integrity.

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